Social Responsibility

We are proud to have hosted seniors from Clementi GRC to dine with us at Segar Village to celebrate SG50 with us. The full house at our restaurant was full of joy and laughter as the grassroots leaders and seniors from our Pioneer Generation dine to fresh seafood and zhi-char dishes.



P2E believes in working with community and social welfare and self help organizations that give back to society. Our company works closely with such organizations and try to instill a sense of responsibility in our staff and in our values. We hope to extend more such programs to work with like minded societies and organizations in the future.





Since its inception in October 2010, Project Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school for disabled and disadvantaged people. In this modern society, many times handicapped and elderly are facing greater challenge competing in job marketplace. They give job training and placement so that they can have hope for better future, better lives and better opportunities to be successful. They operate real food court allowing public to experience and interact with our students just like regular eating places.
This way they believe enhancing educational value inside-out from our students to public, as well as outside-in from public to get used to handicapped people servicing them. To learn more please visit their website.



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