West Co’z Cafe

* Top 10 Halal Thai Chinese Family Restaurant * The Recommeded Halal Family Restaurant * Best Multi-Racial Pro Family Restaurant * Best Neighborhood Family Cafe

West Co’z Cafe  is a very popular eatery attracting customers from all parts of Singapore. Serving popular dishes for families and friends to enjoy!

All time favorite “Curry Fish Head”, Thai Steam Fish, Home-made Pandan Leaf Chicken, Kids favorite “Thai Fish Cake”, nyonya Kachang Panjang, our Top 10 Noodle Hits “Mee Goreng”,Top Hit Fried Rice “Thai Fried Rice” (Remain unchallenged since 2009), Mummy’s Favorite “Nyonya lady fingers”, a Must-Try Dish “Cream Sauce Prawn”, Best of the Best “Claypot Golden Chicken”, 2011 Competing Dish Chilli Crab Party Vs Black Pepper Crab Party, The Untouchable “Segar Supreme Fish”, and many more……..sedap!sedap! A must try little family cafe!!!!!

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