About P2E

Product Mission:
To create, offer and innovate euphoric dishes with continued commitment in bringing the best out of a cuisine, ALL at an affordable value!.

Economic Mission:
To be financially sustainable through profitable growth and expansion, thus creating opportunities and career prospects for our employees.

Social Mission:
To recognize the central role a business plays in society by improving the quality of life and family bonding. We are proud to be part of Spring Singapore’s Pro Family Group.

Our Values:
Respect every individual, customers and employees alike with the support the community in which we are a part of. Life is about fun. We believe that whatever we do, just have fun.

Read about our Corporate Social Responsibility here.

About Paul Tan

Singapore PR Paul was born in Malaysia, Kuantan. Having been a Chef for more than 15 years,  he was at the top of the helm of a chain of restaurant and also Executive Chef. Having served halal thai chinese cuisine for 10 over years, Paul decided to open on his own restaurant 5 years ago which was Segar Restaurant situated at Bedok.

Paul Tan ‘s greatest passion is about food.

With his commitment and determination, he teamed up with his old pal, Mel M. Ng of West CO’z Cafe at West Coast Plaza embarking on a mindset that nothing is gonna to stop them from serving more and more customers. After much hard work in their collaboration, A-Poh Kitchen was opened in year Aug 2010.

Paul Tan’s believes in serving quality food at affordable price and his dream is to write a cook book where he can share his knowledge in cooking to as many people as possible.

Paul says:” I may not be the best but when I cook, I cook with my heart and that’s the best.”

About Mel M Ng
Marketing Manager

Mel M Ng strongly believes that the term FOOD brings FAMILY and FRIENDS closer, and best served with joy and laughter. This is his unique message to everybody in Singapore. Mel has come from a long way, like Paul, and has been in the Halal Food and Beverage Industry for 15 years as well as the service industry for more than 20 years.

A Peranakan who loves to eat, he fell in love with the food industry. He is known for his warm smile and laughter and that can be seen whenever he serves customers. His partnership with Paul in managing their outlets keeps them busy in training and handling the day to day operations with the help of their Top Chefs and Managers.

With Paul taking care of the quality of the food and Mel taking care of the company, the synergy is unbeatable.

The motto is basicially : Have fun and work fun hard.

About Sulaiman
Operations Manager

Sulaiman has known Paul and Mel for about 8 years and his vast experience in the service industry stretches for more than 20 years. A trusted and loyal friend of Mel and Paul, he strongly believes in action speaking louder than words.

With his charming good looks, Sulaiman is also a great adviser to the company.

His dream is that P2E will expand into Malaysian and Indonesian shores as well as the Middle East, especially Dubai.


Our customers

Our customers come from all walks of life. We have PMEBs who frequent our outlets and a mixture of the young and trendy, office bearers bringing along family base groups. We are proud to be certified HALAL by MUIS in all our outlets. So irregardless of race, language or religion, everyone can walk in and ‘makan’.

Our aim is for our customers to come meet and dine together at our restaurants without any difficulty in selection of food. We love to create food for all to eat; even for vegetarians –  We accept special requests from them and will go all the way to cook using just vegetables and non-meat ingredients.

Many of our Chinese customers have been surprised with our skills in cooking our dishes without using pork and lard and yet it tastes just as great. For our Muslim customers, they have told us that they are happy to taste the different kind of Chinese cuisines from Teochew to Cantonese to Peranakan etc. We will always be coming up with new dishes for our customers to keep our variety fresh and plentiful.

We appreciate customers who enjoy the friendly environment at every one of our outlets as well as the food and value of our dishes.

P2E’s aim is not for high returns, keeping in mind that our profits kept low to a margin. Our staffs are trained to make out customers feel easy and relaxed whenever they come to our outlets with their friendly disposition and attitude.

Future Plans:
Providing quality customer service with good quality food at affordable prices plays a very important role for P2e in approaching the way food and beverage industry works. Our target is to continue to spread our service to as many areas around the island and possibly beyond. We believe in serving quality food that every body can eat and at the same time help them to save money. The term we like to coin is Eat As U Save.

Each of our outlets are venues for family bonding. Families can enjoy their meal with their children. We have seen three generations of bonding through food at our restaurants.

Our desire doesn’t stop at the restaurants businesses itself as we have in the pipeline to diversify into other areas as well as best serve the population of the planet, all in the name of Good Customer Service.

P2E is our holding company for our three outlet namely, West Coz Cafe at West Coast Plaza, A-Poh Kitchen at Clementi Ave 2 and Segar restaurant at  Bedok North .


Building Partnership:
We are always on a lookout for joint ventures with people who are interested in running a food business but don’t have the knowledge to get started?  We welcome those who are like-minded and have passion in cooking, love to cook but do not have F&B managing experience.

Our one dream is also to expand into overseas market and bringing our food into other countries.



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