Our Establishments Are


Our Creed and Direction

Business Philosophy

To serve great tasting affordable Singapore Halal dishes to the masses.

To spread the love for good old honest homestyle cooking

To give back to society in the form of affordable delicious food

  • West Co’z Cafe

    Flagship restaurant with the full extensive menu of South-East Asian cuisine.

  • Segar Restaurant

    A streamlined focused menu with a more eclectic selection of dishes with desserts and specialty drinks.

  • A-Poh Kitchen

    Halal dishes without the expensive price tag for the heartlands.

Family-friendly Halal Restaurants

Serving Great Tasting Singapore Halal dishes since 2002!

The passion for food has brought two individuals from different gastronomical journeys together! A partnership of friendship and trust that endured almost two decades.

Paul Tan, a chef trained in Chinese Zichar cuisine from Kuantan, Malaysia. He started from the ground up working his way up to becoming the executive chef of a leading Halal Restaurant chain in the 1990s.

Sulaiman Juahir, a Singaporean, trained in western cuisine, rising up the ranks in the hotel industry and achieving his status as a chef, winning numerous awards and accolades in the culinary world in Asia.

These very different individuals hail from two different worlds of culinary tastes, literally, East and West! Yet their love of great tasting food and providing only the best ingredients and cooking styles has brought and kept them together for almost 20 years!

With Paul’s traditional Zichar homestyle recipes and wok frying prowess and Sulaiman’s meticulous and precise cooking methodology, processes and quality control they embarked on this journey to create a Muslim Owned group of restaurants spanning over 15 years and counting.


Brand Diversity

All three restaurants may seem to have similar menus, however, they actually have distinct branding differences.