Family-friendly Halal Dishes

Discover the Culinary Seas at Soup Bar

Welcome to Soup Bar, where every spoonful is an expedition into flavour-packed realms! Our cozy kiosk, nestled in Marketplace @ Expo, beckons you to embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other. 🌟

The Prawn Mee Odyssey

🦐 Prawn Mee Soup: Dive headfirst into a fragrant broth that whispers secrets of the ocean. Our prawn mee soup is a symphony of succulent prawns, tender noodles, and aromatic spices. Each spoonful transports you to a world where flavours collide and dance in harmony.

🦐 Dry Prawn Mee Soup: For the bold and the curious, we present our dry prawn mee soup. Imagine springy noodles, bathed in a tantalizing blend of chili oil, soy sauce, and prawn essence. It’s a flavour explosion that leaves your taste buds doing the cha-cha!

Soup Bar by Segar

Marketplace @ Expo Stall 01-121

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