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Lunch Break Special at Segar Yishun and Segar Downtown East!

Tender Beef Chunks Stewed in our traditional home-style broth. A Must-Try when you come down to Segar Downtown East and Segar Yishun for Lunch! Now only $6.80! Whilst stocks last! Available for dine-in only.

We are committed to providing customers with fresh and authentic food, which is why we only use ingredients that are fresh and wholesome. Our Stewed Beef Noodle Soup is concocted with your taste buds in mind!

*Photography and Food Styling is for Illustration Purposes Only.
Prices displayed are before GST and Service Charge.
Terms and Conditions Apply!
Whilst Stocks Last!

Halal food near me. Halal certified

For reservations, please call during operating hours 11:30am – 9:30pm:
1) Segar Downtown East: 62810197
2) Segar Chinatown: 64441778
3) Segar @ Yishun: 62350171

如需预订,请于营业时间上午 11:30 – 晚上 9:30 致电:
1) Segar Downtown East:62810197
2) Segar Chinatown:64441778
3) Segar @ Yishun:62350171

Delivery services are available at and through Grabfood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda. Check your app. If you cannot find us, do send a message to the platform you are using to let them know.

外卖服务可在 以及通过 Grabfood、Deliveroo 和 Foodpanda 获得。 检查您的应用程序。 如果您找不到我们,请向您使用的平台发送消息让他们知道。

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